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  1. Hi Kiri,
    My name is Marie and I was wondering if you hold any classess in Medford, OR, or online?

    Thanks Marie

  2. Hi Marie, I am in South Carolina so hosting a class there would be a huge trip! I dont think I could do that. I am working on an e-book which will cover everything I do in the classes! Keep your eye out for that to be published!

  3. Hi! i attended 2 of your classes in Florence. What an eye-opener! You recommended A Full Cup... I can't for the life of me figure out how to print my printable coupons on my shopping list. They go to an ISO and I never see them again. These are Printable coupons. Did I miss something somewhere?

    Thanks for the class. I'll be a newbie for awhile, though :)


  4. Check this out:: Office depot has a printable coupon for $10 off "qualifying" purchase of $25. Go to to for it. (Sorry, I don't know how to link it ... Coupon Keri, could you help out here?) Oh! The kicker is it's ONLY VALID THRU SAT 7/24!

  5. I just wanted to say thank you for offering a night class for us working girls.....I cannot wait to meet you and learn how to $AVE CA$H!!!!!

  6. Would you be willing to come to Monroe NC about an 1 hour and half from Florence to do a meeting? I just cannot make it to Florence during the week because I have a 7 month old. Thanks

  7. Steven, Yes I would love to! E-mail me at and we can discuss a location. Thanks!

  8. Do you ever do classes in Myrtle Beach, SC? Thanks,

  9. Jacqueline, I would LOVE to have a class at the beach! I just need a location to have it and enough people interested. Do you have any suggestions?

  10. Keri--Can you email me and see if we can come up with something? I am unfamiliar with all of this. :-) You should be able to click my name and email me. THANKS!!!!

  11. Keri - I work with Melissa Ellerbee and she told me about you. I'm so excited to have found your site. I was wondering if you could come teach a class in Lake City. I have a lot of friends who are interested. We could do it at my church - Lake City First Baptist. We have a huge,nice family life center.
    Stacy Matthews

  12. Stacy, Thanks! I would love to come teach a class in Lake City! We had one in Lake City last month and it was a big success! If you could e-mail me at we can discuss the specifics! Thanks again!

  13. Keri,
    Do you have any classes around Monroe, NC? I would love to come to one. How many people does it take to have a class? I would love to learn all that I can. You can email me at Thanks!

  14. I'm already signed up and registered for your January 6 class. Would it be possible to switch to your December 20 class? I'm excited to get started!

    Kammy Benton

  15. Will you be having any classes in Sumter?? Is there a cost involved with holding the class @ a private location or just the $10 cost per person?

    Jennifer Mitchell

  16. Jenn, I would love to hold a class in Sumter. Because of the distance, there is a minimum of 20 people. Cost is $10 per person, public or private. E-mail me at! Thanks!

  17. I was wouldering if you know of any classes or any sites in OHIO? Some of the stores you post are not around us. Thank You

  18. I don't teach in Ohio. I don't know of anyone either. Maybe you could post this question on my Coupon Keri Facebook page to see if anyone knows of any.

  19. Hi...I was wondering, The CVS Nexxus offer...I went on Monday to print my scanner coupons and did not get the $5 off Nexxus or the $7 off Physicians Formula scanner coupon. I asked customer service but with no help. I am only getting those two from the end that print each time during the week. Thanks for your help/advice in advance. Shannon

  20. Hi Shannon! The Nexxus CRT was printing last week. Not everyone got it either. The thing about the CRT coupons is that they are not always the same for everyone. I don't know how the system decides. I did get one last week but went ahead and used it on a hairbrush! Wish I had held onto it now! Thanks!

  21. Hello,
    Love your site. i have only been couponing for about 6 weeks. I have saved so much money. I am down to paying for half of my groceries and household items. I will take any advice for a newbie. Also have seen on here info about a binder. But I do not see details on what it is or how to order. Thanks all.

  22. I would like Calli Street's contact info , lost the flyer she gave me @ Harris Teeter . Would like inserts delivered / Morning News . Can you help ? Kim

  23. I downloaded the coupon printer and it wiped out most of the info on the top of the computer that we need to print and get favorites and generally get around in the computer. Husband mad. I took the coupon printer off and now I can't get all the good coupons like you do.

  24. I went to Harris Teeter today and got three Yakisoba noodle packs. They had them listed 10 for 10 dollars, but I only got three. I used 3 $.50 coupons which would make them $1.50 for the three. Then, since HT doubles they took an additional $.50 for each item. Which to me, I thought would make them free, which they were not.( don't get me wrong I am not complaining) So, my question is, why did I have to pay $.03 for the purchase? It looks to me that they taxed me on the purchase price before they they took off the doubles. Is that how that works? Just curious in how they do the taxes.

  25. Yes, that is correct. If you read a coupon, it states that you are responsible for tax. Think of a coupon as a payment. So, by using the coupon you are paying for the total with the coupons then paying cash for the tax.

  26. Keri
    I hate to be a pain but, could you please remove my email address from the list of 5000 winners?
    Thank you! Truly appreciate it!

  27. Hi Keri! Love your site!! Do you post a list for Lowe's Foods, by chance?

    Also, do you do any classes in the Greensboro area?

  28. As of right now, I don't. But I will look into adding it! Thanks for the tip! Also, I have not had any workshops in the Greensboro area, however I would be willing to come teach a workshop there! If you know of a location, please e-mail me at Thanks!

  29. Keri,
    I have about 20 people interested in a class in florence. Are u available may 7?

  30. Tracy, please e-mail me at

  31. Keri, I was wondering if you had heard about the coupons at Family Dollar. Bi-Lo accepts competitor coupons, I was wondering if anyone had tried to use those. When you go in Family Dollar there is a paper booklet of coupons where you would get your sales flyer. They have coupons for all kinds of things! There is a $1 off Whisk which I was wondering if I could stack on the $2 one I have to use at bi-lo? What do you think?

  32. As far as I know, Bi-Lo does not take competitor coupons. At least none of our stores here. Also, if your store allows it, then it will more than likely be "either", "or" and no stacking. The problem is that Bi-Lo does not have any official coupon polic.

  33. Did you stop doing Harris Teeter?
    I didn't notice a write up for one this week.
    Thank you so much for doing this.


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