I am Keri Catoe, also known as Coupon Keri! I live in Florence, SC and started teaching coupon workshops after my friends and family asked over and over again for me to teach them. So began my adventure into teaching! I truly enjoy helping others learn to save hundreds of dollars a month by using coupons. My workshops consist of one 2 hour session which will include an "Introduction to Coupons", "Understanding CVS, Walgreen's and Rite Aid" and will close with "How to save at the grocery stores". There will be a 30 minuet Question/Answer segment after the presentation. Each workshop will have at least one door prize and I guarantee you will enjoy every second!

*If you are unable to make it to a workshop and would like to purchase my Coupon Keri's Guide to Coupons which covers everything I teach in both workshops in detail. I have it available in paperback and e-Book! Click Here to view.

If you are interested in hosting a coupon workshop, I do coupon parties at private residences, workshops for businesses, churches and pretty much anywhere that has the space! Minimum for a class is 30-50 people guaranteed with a $50 deposit. I am willing to travel throughout SC, NC, GA and Eastern TN. If interested in hosting, contact me at

Cost is $10 Per Person payable by cash or check at the door for the 101 or 102 workshop.

Upcoming Coupon Workshops

         "I hosted a class taught by Coupon Keri a few months ago. It was fun and informative! Her PowerPoint and handouts broke everything down for us and made things very easy." ~ Meghan

        "I have used coupons for 23 years and taking Coupon Keri's class I learned a lot more. I learned how to get the most out of my coupons now. On a resist trip to the grocery store I saved $98." ~ Sherri

        "I have attended one of Coupon Keri's classes and have already saved at least $300! And I'm a beginner! Just wait till I actually know what I am doing! I am certain I will be taking the advanced class in the near future."

        ~ Laura

        "Have learned so much from attending the class. Spent $10.00 but saved LOTS more since attending. Money well spent."
        ~ Patty

        "I have attended Coupon Keri's regular class and learned a lot by the way she viewed, showed and answered questions. She was well prepared and kept up with the time allowed for the class as to not let it get away from the subjects she had planned to teach. I have registered for the advanced class to learn even more now that my husband and I have only one in-come. However, this class is for both the stay at home and full-time workers- anyone with her class can save money. Thanks Coupon Keri....A Fan, Shannon"
        ~ Shannon

        "I never used coupons before until i went to her class at a church in Dillon. I learned so much about coupons i didn't even know it was that much to learn about them. I am so glad i did. It feels GREAT to save money"
        ~ Tiffany

        "It was a great class helped me understand it all. Thanks again for all your hard work."
        ~ Jarrett

        "I attended Coupon Keri's class tonight and it was awesome! I never knew that I could actually got so many items that I use daily "free" by using coupons! Thanks Coupon Keri for explaining couponing to those of us who are "coupon ignorant"! I will recommend Coupon Keri's class to all of my friends and family.
        ~ Dawn

        "I thoroughly enjoyed the Coupon Keri class. . . got lots of great ideas on how to start using coupons to cut my grocery bill little by little. I am confident that I will start to see big savings!! "
        ~ Janet