Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Coupon Starter Kit - Give Yourself A Raise!

Do you work for someone and feel like you deserve a raise? Are you a Stay-At-Home Mom/Dad and feel like you should get paid for all of the work you do? Well, using coupons the right way can save you hundreds a month and "Money Saved is Money Earned"! If you could save an extra $100 a month, what would you do with that? Put it in savings, pay off debt, buy something you have always wanted or take a vacation? What about $300 to $500 a month? It IS possible! When I first started using coupons 4 years ago I was spending on average $150 a week at the grocery store AND $300 a month at SAM's Club. Since I have gotten the hang of it and built my stockpile up, my weekly budget for all food and necessities is $50!!! I am now saving our family $700 a month!!! Because of my savings we have been able to pay off our debt, take a vacation and do things that we were unable to do when we were living on a single income! I have the best job in the world! I get to stay at home and raise my son and make money shopping! Yes, I said "Make Money"! I see every dollar that I save our family as money earned, money that I make!

My goal is to teach others to do the same and reach goals that they never thought they could! I offer coupon classes locally and would be happy to travel to teach classes in South Carolina and North Carolina. However, for those that cannot make a class, I do offer the entire class handout, along with coupons for $10 (plus $5 shipping)! If interested, you can purchase the handout HERE.

In addition to the handouts, I have started making "Starter Kits" to help make couponing easier for everyone. I have gone through all of the trials and have found that the binder system is the best and easiest to work with. My binders are set up with instructions along with special "Coupon Pages" to hold your coupons. I also include lots of great coupons with the kit! It is set up with tabbed dividers and a notebook with pen! I even include a Price Book, Meal Planner and Shopping List!
Shipping for the binders is $10 Priority Mail Flat Rate and the Starter Kit without the binder is $5 Priority Mail.

I hope that I am able to help others save money like I do! I gave myself a raise, how about you? :)

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