Saturday, January 8, 2011

Interview with Mr.Coupon from TLC's Extreme Couponing!

Thanks everyone for asking such wonderful questions for Mr. Coupon! So, who is "Mr. Coupon"? His name is  Nathan Engels, who has earned the nickname "Mr. Coupon" for his strategic use of coupons to save.
Engels runs a Web site, "We Use Coupons," that sees the kind of traffic most grocery stores can only covet.
The site got its name from the response Engels and his wife would give when people asked them how they saved so much money at the store. Engles was featured on the TLC show "Extreme Couponing". If you missed that show, you can view his You Tube Channel Frugal TV for insider information and great videos!

I have chosen the top 7 and here are the answers:
  1. The Carolina Qpon Clipper said...
    How did you discover the world of extreme couponing and what was your very first great deal that got you hooked?

    "What a great question!!  I started couponing in 2007 just after my wife and

    I got married.  We were deeply in debt and needed to change the way we

    really lived our financial lives.  I would say that the extreme part of

    couponing happened naturally.  I started realizing I could get things for

    free, so why not buy 10 or 20 instead of 1 or 2!!  The best deal that really

    sold me wasn't really anything spectacular, it was a free tube of

    toothpaste!  When I went to the store and got that tube of toothpaste I

    remember very vividly thinking: WOW!! This really works!

  2. One of the ladies on the show said she "profiles cashiers" Which I am guilty of too! :)(Always look for the young males) Do you feel like you may have an advantage at the checkout being that you are a male couponer?

    "Absolutely!!  I rarely get hassled LOL!  But in all honesty I rarely stray
    from my cashiers now.  I don't like going to the store when they aren't

  3. Ashly said...
    What is your favorite free/close to free item you have gotten so far?

    "My personal favorite was the Steamer Veggie Bags, they are so easy and

  4. Is there anything you can't/have a hard time finding a deal on?

    "What a good question, you have me sitting here thinking!!  I would probably
    have to say refried beans! That's silly, I know, but my wife makes these
    killer fajita's and I love refried beans!!  So I end up buying the store

  5. Nicolette said...
    Do you rotate your stock so you dont have food expiring? Do you donate as much as possible, or do you mainly buy for stockpiling?

    "We donate anything that is close to expiring monthly.  If an organization
    calls us and needs something, we will donate then also.  Last year we
    donated tens of thousands of dollars in product to various organizations!
    It is an amazing thing that even surprises my wife and I!!  Coupons can help
    so many people and we encourage everyone to give and give generously!"

  6. ashley said...
    How many times a week do you shop? Do you prepare for one BIG shopping trip or do you visit several stores throughout the week?

    "I usually shop on Saturday's now.  We have a little one so I give my wife a
    little mommy alone time and take out my daughter shopping!!  I usually getup around 8am and am back by lunch!  We generally hit three differentstores!  My shopping trips aren't huge (like the show) and if we are buying something in large quantities we will simply pre-order!"

  7.  Heather said...
    Do you ever take a vacation or are you too busy couponing?

    "I always tell people life happens!!  But if you stockpile, you won't need to
    chase every deal.  Stockpiling allows you to take 'vacations' or skip sales
    because you already have it.  Every so often I get to busy to shop, but it's


  1. Thanks Keri for sharing! It's interesting to see he's just like us! :)

  2. Hey cool, my questions were asked and answered! Thanks! I always like to see what people find as their favorite coupon gotten item! I have some steamer bags I have yet to try.. hmmm maybe I'll use them for dinner tonight ;)


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