Saturday, January 15, 2011

Military Commissary - Information and January Deals!

It has come to my attention that a lot of my readers are interested in the Military Commissary. These are grocery stores that are for military only. The prices are low enough to just cover the cost of the products so the prices are fabulous. They do accept coupons too! And their written policy is to give you FULL Face value of the coupon! That means if the coupon is over the price of the item you get overage to apply towards other groceries! I am going to try to keep an updated list of items and coupons that can be used for free and cheap products at the Commissary. Enjoy!

The commissary is a very good store to shop at.

1.ALL commissaries are owned by DECA and have to follow their policies. If it says something in DECAs manuals, they have to follow. They cannot alter them at all. It is pretty much set in stone. For example, walmart gives the store managers power to do what they want with their policies and procedures. DECA is NOT like that.

2. They take Register Rewards from Walgreens. This is a huge way to get your grocery bill down. Like this week at Walgreens there is a deal on Vicks Sinex where you buy 5 of them and get a $10RR. That is a $10 you can use towards your commissary grocery bill. Some stores are not on board with the whole acceptance of RR. EMAIL DECA if you are having problems. They will tell the managers that it is okay for you to use.

3. DECA has the BEST customer service of any company I have ever worked with/emailed. If you are ever having any problems, just
email them. Customer service will get with the Commissary store manager and get the problem resolved. I had to email deca several times about using Register Rewards at my store and finally last week they let me use A LOT of them!!!!

4. Commissary allows OVERAGE. Deca is a non profit organization. They are there for the military. They are not there to make money for themselves. OVERAGE is when you have say an item that is .50¢ and you have a $1 coupon. DECA will give you the full $1 for the coupon because they are non profit and they are getting $1 from the manufacturer for the coupon. Most stores will not give you face value for coupons, but DECA has to. HERE is where their coupon policy on overages is located.

5. They will special order for you. If you have an item that is going to give you overage, or be free, they will order the item for you. All you need is the UPC # and case count of item. You can go HERE if you are looking for UPC #s or case counts. All you have to do to make a special order is go to the cash cage (front of store behind the glass) or you can go to the registers and the cashiers will help you out.

6. They list their prices online for you. All you do is go register on You will need to have up to date DEERS info in order to log in. You CANNOT copy/paste their prices online. It is a privledge to be able to shop at the commissary and they dont want their prices plastered everywhere for the competitors to see. It lists 200-300 items. I dont know any other store that does that for their customers. The prices you see on here are ones found in ads or in store.

7. They LOVE coupons. Most stores do have a table or area near the entrance with coupon books or tear pads of coupons. Some stores, though have had to limit the # of qs they put out because some people take the whole stack or box of qs. The different coupon books are : Maxisaver, Kraft Foods Family magazine, PG inserts(these are also in sunday paper), Eat healthy Your way. Sometimes Coca-Cola, Nestle, Nabisco, Kraft, PG will have coupon booklets as well at the front of the store. There are also military store coupons on each and every isle. They are everywhere. If i see a good coupon i know I will use, I will get a few because sometimes it may be gone the next time I come to the commissary.

8. Different ads or way to find prices of items: maxi saver, money saver, family magazine,, Price shopper ad, commissary insider, Eat Healthy your way, KRAFT.

9. DECA does offer the lowest prices. They charge you what it costs them to get the item plus a 5% surcharge.
  • Cream of Wheat .75
    -1/1 from 1/9ss=.25 overage

  • Coffee Mate creamer 1.50
    here =FREE 

  • KY Gel 1.85
    -2/1 from 12/5 RP=.15 OVERAGE

    -$6/2 from 12/5RP=1.15 overage

  • Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Noodles 1.00
    -1/1 from 10/10ss=FREE (x1/31)
  •  Purina Friskies Treats .99
    -2/2 from 11/14RP=FREE (X1/16)
  • Marcal Tissues .99
    -1/1 from 1/2 ss=FREE
  • Gladware Containers .99
    - 1/1 commissary Tearpad = .01 OVERAGE 

  • Reach Dental Floss .75
    -1/1 from 10/10RP=.25 overage (x4/31/11)

  •  Gas x 3.11
    -4/1 from 12/12ss=.89 OVERAGE
  • Hartz Cat Treats 3oz .99
    -1/1 HERE = FREE

  •  Soft Soap Hand Soap .90
    -1/1 military tearpad=.10 overage

  • Mazola Cooking Spray .66
    -.50/1 from 12/12ss=.16
  • Purevia Sugar packets 1.50
    -1/1 from commissary coupon book =.50
  • Imperial Sugar Powdered box .69
    -.50/1 from 12/12 ss=.19
  • Imperial Brown Sugar .69
    -50/1 from 12/12 ss=.19
  • Pasta Roni .80
    -B3G1 from 1/2 insert =.60
  • Millstone Coffee (bulk/grind yourself) .41¢/oz. x 8 oz=3.28
    -$2/1 ($2/1 1/2 pound) from 12/12 RP=1.28
  • Marcal Napkins 250ct 1.29
    -1/1 from 1/2ss=.29
  • Marcal Paper Towel Rolls 1.49
    -1/1 from 1/2 ss=.49
  • Caesar Treats 2.49
    -2/1 from 12/5 RP=.51

  • Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray 4.45
    -4/1 from Dec PG insert=.45
  • Blistex .86
    -1/2 from 11/14ss=.36 each

  • Challenge butter 1.24
    -1/1 from 11/21ss=.24

  • Rhodes Rolls 1.69
    -1/1 from 12/12RP=.69

  • Kings hawaiian Dinner rolls 1.99
    -1/2 from 11/14RP=1.49

  • Equal 110 ct 1.50
    -1/1 from toys4 tots booklet=.50
  • Oil of olay body wash 10 oz 2.66
    -2/1 from 12/26PG insert=.66 each
  • Pantene Hair Gel 2.38
    -3/2 from 12/26PG=.88 each
  • Pantene Hair Spray 2.48
    -3/2 from 12/26PG= .98
  • Gillette Fusion Razor 5.99
    -4/1 from 12/26PG=1.99
  • Tampax Pearl 3.17
    -2/1 from 12/26PG=1.17
  • Seapak Shrimp 1.19
    -1/1 from 12/12ss=.19
  • Breakstone Cottage Cheese 24 oz 2.00
    -.75/1 from 1/2ss=1.25
  • Nature Made Fish Oil 1200mg 100 ct. 3.96
    -2/1 from 1/2 ss=1.96
    -2/1 from Jan. 2011 all you =1.96
  • Voortman Roll Packs .77¢
    -1/2 from 9/19RP=.27
  • Voortman Sugar Free 1.25
    -1/2 from 9/19RP=.75
  • Caltrate Calcium Supplements 60ct 5.29
    -2/1 from 12/12Rp or 1/2 RP=3.29
  • Egg Beaters 1.50
    -.35/1 from 1/2ss=1.15
  • Hunts manwich .89
    -b3g1 from jan all you mag=.67 each
  • Quaker Instant oatmeal Variety pack 1.79
    -1/1 from 1/2 RP=.79
  • campbell's Select harvest soup 1.19
    -1/2 from 1/2 ss=.69
  • Campbells chunky chili 1.39
    -1/2 from 1/2 ss=1.39
  • Campbell's chunky soup 1.19
    -1/2 from 1/2 ss=.69
  • v8 Low sodium 1.99
    -.50/1 from 1/2 ss=1.49
  • Emerald Nuts 100 calorie packs 1.30
    -.50/1 from 1/2 RP=.80
  • Electrasol Finish 20 ct $2.49
    -2.25/1 from 1/2ss=.24 each


  1. Thank you. I am a military wife. Are these prices for all commissaries?

  2. Your welcome! Yes, the prices are the same and are listed online. I just added some more great information about them!


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