Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rumors, Whispers. The Buzz Around Town....Dumpster Diving!

I have created some Buzz around town about "Dumpster Diving". It is interesting how all of a sudden everyone is so interested in talking about it around town and using my name. I was not and will not be the only one to Dumpster Dive. I may be the only one to talk about it, but I am not the only one to do it. If I got anyone into trouble, I apologize. However, that raises another issue. If employees get in trouble for leaving a dumpster unlocked and filled with valuable merchandise, then maybe they deserve to be in trouble. I love my CVS employees and in no way want any of them (except one particular store that I won't step foot in) to get into any trouble. But if they are not doing their job right, it should not be my fault for them getting into any trouble.  I am honestly hoping that my post and my honesty will do some good in this community. Maybe CVS will re-think their "Trash" practices and offer stuff to local charities and the needy.

What are your thoughts? Are there any other Dumpster Dive lurkers out there? How about CVS employees? I would love to hear what the employees think? Has anyone written to CVS addressing concerns about the horrible practice of throwing out perfectly good merchandise?

I know that this will create some controversy. So please, if you want to comment, please discuss here on the Blog. I will be monitoring comments and if any comment seems to be inappropriate it will be removed. Keep language clean. If you don't agree with someone else, remember to stay calm and try to respond as nicely as possible. Also, please refrain from arguing back and forth. With that said, I am ready to open this for some discussion!


  1. I have never dumpster dived but I used to work at the mall and saw many places throw away perfectly good items that did not sell in the trash (then run the thing that crushes everything in it so it couldnt be grabbed out) To me its just wasteful and wrong when there are so many needy families out there.

  2. I've talked to the employees at CVS in Dillon about this. They have stated that the manager will not mark the merchandise at 90% off because his hands are tied by corporate. If they try to take it out of the dumpster and CVS finds out, they will be fired. Since our planet is already suffocating from trash being dumped at an alarming rate, it seems like the intelligent thing to do would be to keep more products out of it that could certainly be used to benefit those who cannot afford them otherwise. I am not above dumpster diving and would do it in a heartbeat with permission (and sometimes without it depending on the circumstances). I would never go beyond trespassing or anything illegal. Certainly you were within the law in drawing out this merchandise from the dumpster thus giving our planet a little more breathing room. Kudos to you!!! My argument with CVS or any store willing to throw away perfectly good merchandise that could be donated or otherwise sold for a deep discount is obsurd on their part to say the least. If the products they are disgarding are still in good condition, why throw them out? There are so many people affected by this economic downturn that could benefit from this merchandise. I'm sure there are people out there that think couponers (and dumpster divers) are nuts. But are we? We are a different breed of people that sees the needs of others as important. Keeping that thought always in our minds, we stand ready to help on the turn of a dime. When couponers can stockpile their goods, gather items for free (whether by couponing or dumpster diving) we are fulfilling God's purpose and plan - First: To Love Thy Neighbor and Second: By having the means to provide the needs of others and acting upon it. As long as the merchandise is clean and does not promote any health risk, I say GO FOR IT - WITH GUSTO!!!!!

  3. I have seen some of the stuff being said on the internet about the incident, and I thought some of the stuff I came across was hilarious and VERY TRUE!! Just admit you were wrong and broke the law, how hard is that? And now, thanks to you, you have gotten employees in trouble, who were just doing their job. They don't expect some one to come behind them and steal stuff from the dumpster then post about it on a public place such as facebook. Does everyone need to lock their dumpsters up now in fear of you rummaging through them in search of tossed out candy canes??

    True, they could have donated it, but also true, like someone said on your FB page today, you could have taken in and just kept quiet about it.

    You set a wheel into motion that has no right or wrong answer. Dumpster diving is fine, just make sure it's legal where you do it. A store's property is private, a dumpster on the corner of a sidewalk is not.

  4. I have nothing to say about the dumpster diving but I do want to comment on how wasteful it is for CVS to throw those items in the trash. I work for a local non-profit organization and Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Wal-Mart and several grocery stores donate a lot of items to us that 'corporate' does not allow them to mark down. They also bring us items that can't be sold because maybe the package is open or the box is bent. I am very disappointed that CVS would be so wasteful. And while I understand Christmas decorations are not 'necessities' there are still a lot of people that could use them had they been donated to a local charity.

  5. where in florence do you go dumpster diving? my uncle used to it and he would find all kinds of perfectly good stuff.


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