Thursday, April 7, 2011

Extreme Coupon Tips for Novice Couponers

** I am re-posting this because of the huge response from last nights Extreme Couponing on TLC. Enjoy!

These are some great links to articles on the TLC's Extreme Couponers website! I thought I would share and add a little of my own advice!

Top 5 Extreme Coupon Tips for Novice Couponers
  1. Acquire Advanced Couponing Techniques
  2. Join in on the Jargon-fest
  3. Turn Couponing into a Cottage Industry
  4. Get Familiar with Navigating the Marketplace
  5. Know Your Rights for Smoother Sailing
Acquire Advanced Couponing Techniques

I would consider myself an advanced couponer. I would NOT consider myself an Extreme couponer. I do believe that "the more coupons the merrier" and live by that. I have teamed up with our local newspaper and we are able to offer a special discounted rate for "Bundles" of coupon inserts every Sunday! If you live in the Florence Morning News delivery area and are interested in finding out more about getting discounted Sunday Papers, please contact Callie Street at or give her a call at 843-230-0289.

Join in on the Jargon-fest

Get to know the acronyms. I spend a lot of time typing up the coupon matchups and deals for my blog and so I do shorten a lot of things and use a lot of acronyms. I have put together a list of common acronyms used in the couponing world. You can view that list HERE

Turn Couponing into a Cottage Industry 

Keeping your coupons cut and organized is a key component to getting great deals. You have to stay on top of it! If you let it get behind, you will find yourself missing out on a lot of great deals! I agree that a binder works great and baseball card holders are perfect for your coupons.

Get Familiar with Navigating the Marketplace

When you are first starting out, remember that you don't need to dive in head first. Take your time, get to know the stores and start with just one store. I totally agree that you need to scope out those nice cashiers and be extra kind to them. You will find some cashiers are more than happy to help if you get stumped. Also, when I am doing seperate transactions at CVS or Walgreens, I always move out of the way in-between transactions to let others go ahead of me. It does make my shopping trip much longer, but the cashier and the customers are very appreciative.

Know Your Rights for Smoother Sailing 

I could not agree more. You have to print out coupon policies and keep them with you. I had a situation today at Wal-mart where two cashiers and a floor manager were unfamiliar with their new "overage" policy. I was very polite and very patient and smiled the entire time. By the time they got their version of the policy, which I had already shown them from my binder, they were thanking me!

With the upcoming episode of TLC's Extreme Couponing, we are going to see a lot of interest in couponing. There will be a lot of newbies out there and a lot asking for help. I am here to answer any questions and help anyone along the way to saving money! It is a passion of mine and I am blessed to be able to share my passion!

I teach coupon Workshops in South Carolina! Click HERE to see the available workshops. I also offer my workshop handouts for sale for those that don't live near a workshop or are unable to attend:

Please choose

Also, there are some great resources out there to get you started. Here are my top 5 Favorites:
  1. - Print coupons right from your computer
  2. Cellfire Coupons - Save electronic coupons to your shopper card
  3. Free Coupon Alerts - Have new printable coupons sent to your e-mail everyday
  4. Sunday Coupon Preview - See what coupons will be in Sunday's inserts early
  5. We Use Coupons - Online forum to discuss and view sales, ads and much more
I have also found several great online resources to get cheap meals, clothes and much more. Here are my to 5 favorites:
  1. Swagbucks - Earn points and redeem for great stuff! I typically get $25 in Amazon gift cards a month, free! Want to learn more about Swagbucks? I wrote an article on how to understand, you can view it HERE.
  2. - Get up to 50% off your meals when dining out! I have written an article on how it works and what the best value is. You can read the article HERE.
  3. Groupon - Daily deal website that offers local and national discounts up to 90% off. I was able to score 5 Blockbuster movie rentals for the price of 2! Sign up and you will receive a daily e-mail with your deal of the day. I also post on my blog when there is a HOT National deal!
  4. Ebates - Anytime you do any online shopping, go through Ebates and you will receive a percentage cash back! You can also find if there is a discount code or online coupon for the online retailer you are shopping at!
  5. Zulily - Online daily deal website with top name brand clothing, toys and much more up to 90% off! I have found some adorable childrens boutique clothes for a fraction of the retail price! I have fallen in love with this website! Sign up to get a daily e-mail with the daily specials.
Every penny saved is a penny earned! You will get out of it what you put into it. You can either save some pennies or a lot of pennies, just remember that any penny saved is better than none! The money you save you and your family is your new paycheck! Enjoy it!

If you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to send me a message! I am here to help and guide you!

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