Monday, April 18, 2011

Discount Sunday Newspapers!

We are very lucky in the Florence, SC area that we can get discounted newspaper rates when we buy in "Bundles"!

Here are the details:

You must be in the Florence Morning News area (If you are in South Carolina but not in the Florence Morning News delivery area, there may be another option for you. You can call Callie Streett at (843) 230-0289) for more information.

In order to get coupon bundles you must already be a Florence Morning News subscriber. If you are NOT, that is OK! They have a deal for you. You can get the weekend subscription (Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun) for 3 months at $18.40. (Divide $18.40 by 12 weeks =  $1.53 a week!).

The Sunday coupon Bundles can be purchased in stacks of 5 or 10 and are pre-paid for 1 month (4 weeks). You are responsible for renewing it. However, once you have been on for one month, you have a choice to renew for a longer period of time.

Bundle of 5 = $19.80 = $0.99 a paper
Bundle of 10 = $39.60 = $0.99 a paper

So, basically, if you decide to purchase the bundles of 5 you get 6 papers every Sunday. 5 of them cost $0.99 each and the 6th one is $1.53. If you are going out and purchasing more than one paper, this will cut your costs down and you don't have to leave your house and search for Sunday papers! I receive a bundle of 10 a week and love it!

**Now Available: The State Paper (South Carolina) for $26 for $26 weeks! That is a big discount! (there is a limit of 2 per person)

If you are interested in subscribing or for more information contact Callie Streett at (843) 230-0289 or you can e-mail her at .

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