Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Interview with Mr.Coupon from TLC's Extreme Couponing!

I was blessed with another opportunity to interview Mr. Coupon from TLC's Extreme Couponing and from We Use Coupons! I gave my readers a chance to ask the questions! Enjoy!

1. Elaine asks:
 "Friday, When in line at the grocery store, I was asked about the show
 Extreme Couponing and what do I think of it. What is the best way to answer
this, because I just don't believe that this show shows the complete thruth
and represents couponers in a light that it should." 
Mr Coupon: 
"The best way to answer is to say it's TV. Reality TV isn't always reality. I saved 90%+ when I  was shopping with TLC, but I normally save around 50-70% normally. Coupons are a powerful tool, but often times TV will make something very normal seem 'extreme.'"

2. Brittney asks:
 "Do you have a weekly budget on groceries?"
Mr Coupon:
"I absolutely do! It's around $50 a week. "
 3. Jeannie asks:
 "How many years did it take you to get this good at doing the coupons?"
Mr Coupon:

"LOL, I started couponing four years ago. It takes a while because you have
to learn all the rules. I liken couponing often times to chess because like

chess there are lots of different rules in couponing. You have to learn

them to become really successful!

4. Rachel asks:

 "What are some of the tricks you now know that you wish someone would have
 told you when you first started couponing?" 

Mr Coupon: 
"I have really only have TWO
tips or tricks! I call them to two "O's. Online and Organization. Both
are super important. Get online and get organized!"

5. Misty asks:

Mr. Coupon, "Would you ever consider opening a thrift or mini market to
make a profit off of your stock room(s)?" 

Mr Coupon: 
"I had three garage sales years ago where we
sold some stockpiled items, when we were really struggling to make our bills
but now I find it extremely rewarding to give back to our community!! We
are empowered to do something we've always wanted to do, which is give back,
and we can do that abundantly.

Coupon Keri: 

"I bet you are extremely proud of your son! If you were to give us one word to describe him, what would it be?"
Mr. Coupon's Mom:
"Generous!  How many people do you know that donate to several charities?  I think that a lot of people would like to donate, but don't have the funds to do so.  Couponing has enabled Nathan to reach out to others in need.  What a blessing that is!"

Nathan is the man behind the huge online coupon forum We Use Coupons! I use the forum daily and enjoy chatting with others about using coupons, helping with coupon matchups and using their coupon database!

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