Thursday, May 5, 2011

Amazon Code Hunt!

If you are new to the Amazon code hunt game that I play with some fellow bloggers then here is some information to help get you started. We each will take turns posting Amazon gift card codes on our Facebook page &/or website. The first one to enter the code into their account gets it! Good luck!!
To Play:
1. Go to Amazon’s website and log-in.
2. Click on “gift cards” at the top of the screen above the search box. (shown below)
3. Click on “apply to account” (shown below)

4. Redeem the code (shown below)
ps. don’t expect to get rich off of this.. we purchased these codes out of our own pocket and obviously we would love to give away lots more $ but unfortunately we just cannot afford it. I hope you have fun & GOOD LUCK!! :) thanks for being a fan <3

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