Friday, May 27, 2011

*HOT* 80% Off Code! Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250

Its that time of the month again. has put their gift certificates 80% off! You can also get in on the "Dinner of the Month Club" at 80% off!

Click HERE
Use Code FLAG

How does it work?

If you just purchase a single gift certificate at 80% off then you pay $2 for a $25 gift certificate. Most $25 gift certificates say that you have to spend $50 or $35 in order to use it. I try to pick the restaurants that require you to spend $35 because I get the best value that way. The problem with waiting for the 80% code (which comes around every single month towards the end of the month) is that the best restaurants have already sold out of their gift certificates.

My recommendation is this: Join the Dinner of the Month Club. You get 13 Gift certificates for $12 and you can redeem one per month (two the first month). The best part is that you can use these gift certificates at the beginning of the month when they have posted the new gift certificates! That means you have a much greater chance of getting the certificate for the popular restaurants that sell out fast!!! Another thing to consider is that you can print or e-mail the certificates before they are redeemed and give them as gifts!!

So, how does this save me money if I have to spend money??? Well, if you are planning a vacation, you can get certificates for your trip which will cut your eating out expense in half! You have to be frugal when going out to eat and if you can figure the total to be right at the threshold then you are doing it right!

What if I can't find restaurants near me? Remember that you can get ones that are in other places that you go to. I know that there are some incredible ones for the Myrtle Beach area which I frequent quite a bit. Also remember that these make great gifts too!

How does the math work out?

$25 GC for $2, Spend $35 = $12 for a $25 meal = 52% Savings
$25 GC for $2, Spend $50 = $27 for a $50 meal = 46% Savings

Most of the gift certificates read "18% Gratuity added prior to discount." That means that when you figure out how much you need to spend in order to get to $35 or $50 you need to consider the gratuity. 

$30 x 1.18 =  $35.40 - That means you need to pick off your menu to get to $30 so you can use your certificate that requires you spend $35.

$43 x 1.18 = $50.74 - If it requires you spend $50!

Now that I have done all of the math for you, you can see that these certificates are a great value! Write down the numbers so you will know how much you need to spend with the gratuity. Also, be sure to read all of the exclusions for the certificates before you buy. Some have weekend and holiday restrictions, alcohol restrictions or lunch/dinner or special restrictions.

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