Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sign up For Groupon - Get GREAT Daily Deals!

I have become a HUGE fan of Groupon! Although not all cities are listed, there are often incredible online deals that are available anywhere! Some of the deals I have gotten through Groupon include FREE Blockbuster Rentals, FREE shoes from, FREE clothes from Old Navy and so much more! So, how did I get all of that from FREE? Well, first you join Groupon and start referring your friends to some hot deals. As soon as you get a friend to sign up and purchase their first deal, you get $15 in credit! The more friends you refer, the more credit you accrue! Before you know it, you can get great deals at super discounts along with your referral credits for FREE!!!

I can assure you that it is worth it! They make it easy by sending you daily e-mails with referral links included! You can share easily on Facebook!

Sign up HERE and check out some of the deals near you! Feel free to check out other cities and see what else is available out there!


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